the best consort of defense software?


im currently using Norton Internet Security and malwarebytes 1.46 only on demand
all on Vista OS
soon my subscription to norton is about to end and i was thinking of Comodo internet security instead,
recently I had problem with the Live Enterprise Suite malware and norton didnt find it while malwarebytes removed it altogether, I wanted tp know please if CIS would protect me adequately from spyware and malware, Im aware of its powerful firewall but wanted to knoiw if it has to be used in conjunction with Malwarebytes Auto protection enabled or some other AV in order to provide full protection?

also please would it work well in conjunction with Microsoft Essentials and is it a recommended combination?

thank you very much!

CIS does work well with MSE. I think it would also work with Malwarebytes, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have two real-time scanners at the same time. Besides, it’s probably not necessary with Defense+ enabled. I’d probably keep malwarebytes for on-demand only.

If you switch the configuration of CIS to proactive security it will be able to protect you from almost any malware. By default Defense+ blocks every program unknown to Comodo and prompts the user as to whether to allow or deny it.

Let’s say that a virus manages to get itself onto your computer. Defense+ would then pop up an alert saying that this file is trying to access a part of your computer. If you weren’t installing anything or running a program this would be strange and you would choose to block it. This malware would thus essentially be neutralized. Nothing can install or run without you allowing it.

Of course this would be very annoying if it asked you for every program, but Comodo has an extensive white-list such that there are actually not too many alerts for safe programs.

Try it out and see if the program is too intrusive for you. If you can deal with it you are actually very much safer than you were before. In fact, check out the newest test results from Matousec:

Thank you Chiron very much, I appreciate your informative reply and help thanks
I would like to further ask you please, what would you recommend as a 2nd line of defense, say if I misclicked on the notification from Comodo and allowed the virus program to run, what would help me to get rid of it and the havoc it would cause, would you recommend the Malwarebytes I already have or rather Microsoft Essentials or phps something else?
how well do you rate the AV contained in the CIS suite? in removal of spyware and pesky malware ALREADY on the computer?

as of the latest tests I could find, comodo AV has a much better detection ratio then MSE, so I would just stick with CIS as a suite and malwarebytes as an on-demand scanner.

I’d actually rate Comodo’s AV as pretty good in detection, but it has never been tested by a reputable testing company. I assume languy99 is referring to independent tests and the last Malware Research Group tests. In terms of removal of malware already on the system it’s actually one of the worst, but this isn’t all that important because an infection already on the drive can, and should, be removed with multiple scanners.

For making sure your computer is clean and removing any infections that may be on it please follow my guide:
What You Need To Know About Removing Infections and Securing Your Computer

As far as detection goes you can stay with Comodo AV, but please realize that it can have a good number of false positives. However, if you find any you can report them to the Comodo Malware/False-Positive Submission website.
They will usually be fixed within a few hours.

Really, you can install Avast, MSE, or Comodo AV and you’d still be very safe because of Defense+. I’d say you can use any of these and you should be fine.

As far as on-demand scanners I’d advise using these Simple programs that can remove most infections.

thank you very much :-TU