the best configuration for CIS v4 ..

Hi guys , I’ve tested the new version of our beloved CIS. However ,I failed to see why I would use the sandbox since I have sandboxie … which is the best sandbox I’ve tested ,in my opinion of course . !

so here I’m sharing my configuration for the new version and I want from you guys to check it out and see if they are good or bad or whatever …

first I’ve changed to proactive security with sandbox disabled :-\

After that , I went to firewall and I edited the predefined Firewall policies by changing the outgoing only rule to be like this , check out the attachment

Finally , I’ve changed the image execution control to monitor all the executables instead of the default configuration …

that’s it … I think if i’m using a well known safe application I won’t C any pop ups from neither D+ nor anything else … < but when I’m using a bad one I will C what makes the doctor sick ;D

so what do u think guys ? :slight_smile:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Personnaly i’have proactive configuration + Trusted apps rules nothing more :slight_smile: