The Best at Preventing Malware, The Best at Cleaning Malware

Our users deserve nothing less than the best!

Prevention chart :,1871,iid=366928,00.asp

Cleaning Chart :,1871,iid=366929,00.asp

I wonder how they arrived at two different results for CIS 6.0 Complete & CIS 6.0 Premium ?

Keep up the good work guys at keeping CIS above everyone else :slight_smile:

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Is good seeing CIS on top :slight_smile:

Also wondering why the different results ?
There is no difference in protection/security in the 2 suites ???

Edit: any ideas ?

CIS complete comes with GeekBuddy experts who are security experts that can help clean as well…that is the difference…

I find this charts somewhat unreliable… Very biased results in my view…

That derp moment when I mixed up Premium and Pro. >_< I did actually buy pro… for some reason. I bought just a month I think, haven’t put in the license in CIS yet… o_o’’

Edit: Hmm just found the e-mail, it ended in Jan 23 XD

I figured as much
I have just treated my mother to a Complete subscription :-TU

Agreed, totally biased, but this speaks volumes for any vendor that can rate above Norton or Webroot :o