The Bears!

I have never honestly say I have seen a rugby game. Just a minute, i’m hitting Youtube to see if they have a video on it.



That’s why I’m up in the middle of the night… to watch NHL games… ;D
I’ve been a hockey coach, and I have played the game, so…
No game tonight though, so I will go to bed now…

Keep on playing football with your hands… :wink:

Ah yes…I see what you mean.

All I can say is, ouch. I wouldn’t want to be the guy recieving the ball when they kick it off, lolll. I’d run the “OTHER WAY”. :smiley:


LOL, I have nothing against hokey but I never found it interresting. Boxing I like, used to box when I was younger, or when my mother in law would try to swallow my SOUL. If I boxed now, i’d be sliding around the house doused in icyhot.


There’s a hell of a difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union (which is what most of the world calls Rugby). They have similarities and share a common origin, but they are very, very different.

If you want to have a look at it, go to and have a look at the videos.

BIG men play NFL - REAL men play NRL! LOL

Sorry Ewen, I tried but the videos won’t play. I redownloaded Java, checked proxies as I even used IE. Won’ t work in either Firefox or IE 7. But if what I viewed wasn’t even close to the real thing, then it sounds like rugby is a bar fight with a ball. :■■■■


Its an agressive team sport, but highly skills based. Its not just a game for 250 pounders, though, athleticism and speed are major factors. There’s a bit of rugby league played in the states, mainly in the NE (, but it’s struggling to take off. Be good if it did, though.

ewen :slight_smile:

G’day mate, seems fair enough. They don’t wear anything besides a shirt and budgie smugglers, no gear, that’s got to hurt, bet they could go for a good shcooner after that. :smiley:


Strewth, too bloody funny mate. Onya!

Whaddya reckon rotty? Make him an honourary Aussie? LOL