The Bears!

While I don’t have cable tv, I hear my team, the Chicago Bears are in the Superbowl!! :BNC (:CLP) Since I live in an area with those who worship the packers, EAT IT CHEESE HEADS! I have heard bragging about the Superbowl win for years, well if Chicago wins, it’ll be twice in 22 years, Packers, once in 30 lollll. :o GO BEARS GO! (:HUG)


Argh! American rugby :stuck_out_tongue:
What about the Bulls? No Jordan, no team? :cry:

Nope, i’m not a Basketball fan, nor baseball. I went to a White sox game when I was little and fell asleep. I do like football, well, when my team wins, lol.


I was trying to provoke you :slight_smile: “american rugby”, as in: it’s not played with the foot! ::slight_smile:
Just kidding :■■■■

Someone, I have been married for 16 years, provoking no longer phases me. :smiley: lol. However, it’s true, football has little to do with the foot really, unless it’s the Packers, they only score with field goals, lolll. (:CLP)



Honestly, though, I don’t think you can call it “American Rugby.” Look at all the protective gear! They get hurt as it is; imagine if they played Rugby-style!

Paul, I’m just sad the Cowboys lost out. Not 'cause I care about the Cowboys, but because now I can’t sell my boss’s extra wild-card tickets on stubhub…


Ok then, rugby- destruction derby, or hard core rugby, OR rugby on Smackdown!

But seriously, i actually like American football, the little i saw was entertaining. Just as i like rugby. One guy won’t do jack without the team.

LM> lol. That’s too bad, sorry to hear it :smiley: And a note: Actually they have proved that having all this gear causes more injuries from tendencies to HIT HARDER than ever. I believe this , it makes sense. When they only had a small leather helmet, they tackled but didn’t run someone’s skull down their crevice.

Someone>Sounds like you are a wrestling fan, is this true?


Ooh, rugby on Smackdown! Now that sounds like entertainment. After all, they’ve had a Sumo-style match before (with an actual Sumo wrestler), and they’re apparently talking about some cooperation with some martial arts group, why not bring some crazy rugby guys in… ;D

Nope, i hate it really. But it has reached (breached?) my country, i now and then i hear that on TV while zapping. Raw or something, Smackdown… Nothing against whoever sees it, but i really find it a waste of time, besides not even entertaining. Why bother, it’s fake! If it were real, then it would be interesting.

RUGDOWN? RUGBY IS WAR? hmmmmm. don’t know. To be honest I haven’t been into wrestling anymore either, it’s getting bad. No longer entertaining whatsoever. I do have a gripe with many of my wife’s friends though. They tell me wrestling is stupid, fake so why watch it, this as they go home to watch As the world turns, yeah , there’s realism…no kidding they do. But I must defend this by saying, how many Movies are REAL and people see them all the time, it’s entertainment in different forms. Spider-man is a movie blockbuster and my neighbor who owns a pizza place has seen it 30 times on DVD, yet he says too, wrestling is fake. Well, how real is a guy in tights shooting webs from his wrists any more real? See my point?

Either way, I do agree that it is not entertaining any more and when it was, I did get to meet some of the stars in person. Well, Trish Stratus, I sure botched on speech when I met her, I think the first 64 k of my memory became corrupted and my mind went into a BSOD, causing the nerves in my hand to shake drastically while handing her a pen to sign an autograph. Booker T was an awesome person, great guy, not fake for the fans but sincerely a nice person. The big show looks even bigger in real life, got out of an SUV and was staring down on the roof. I’m only 5 10 as it is and felt like my 2 year old next to him.

Those were the good wrestling days, now it’s rediculous. If you don’t have 60 bucks or 80 to see action on pay per view, you won’t see any at all.


True, very true. That’s why i insist on saying “nothing against those who do …”, because, bottom line, it comes down to perspectives and taste. I expressed mine.

Now that i think about it, and to be fair, long time ago, i did see some “fights” of the Undertaker (easy name to remember lol) and the other guy that made movies and all… don’t remember that one (undertaker has a ring to it… takes them to the grave, and the music, lol, i still remember the bell)
Times change, i grew up and my views changed too. Now i find it silly. Maybe it’s like you say, it changed too

I agree, everyone has their own opinion and is a GOOD thing or it would be a very dreary world. The undertaker has been in there for quite some time and is the good ol’ undertaker again. Here’s the scenario, When it was WWF >now WWE , since the world wildlife foundation thought the two would get mixed up and was suing for WWF rights, although, don’t ask me the last time I saw a penguin giving a body slam or leg lock, but anyway, back in the WWF days, it was more childish and when you got older , you realized how goofy it was. Now, back to about 98’ \99’ or so, it grew out of that scenario and became , simply entertaining and things began to build and I had gotten involved once again. I think you meant the ROCK as the “other guy” . It was more like a soap opera\ drama\fighting\good guy wins \action type show. It was actually worth watching, it began getting some mystery behind it, rising stars once again had “something” that intrigued the watchers. Then about 2002 -3 it began to slide. Now it was taking on a whole new scenario, using sex as a means to get watchers, dumb scenarios, no real action, if there was as mentioned , it was on pay per view. it was like, ok, now everything is in the open, these are entertainers and we’ll simply make them do whatever sick task, and very little wrestling. It was more like wrestling porn. Anyway, it has since declined and left the fans who only can afford pay per views to actually enjoy it . Although I wouldn’t pay to watch it now, could barely sit through it at a friend’s house. Completely boring. The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, made a smart move to get out and into the movie business. It’s becoming more like that, young stars come in out of nowhere, beat everyone, and leave. Whatever, they don’t hold my interest. So aside from my childhood wrestling days and then the 98-2002, I no longer watch it at all.


Nah, not the Rock, an older guy. He was the biggest star. Much earlier that that guy i think. I was much younger and gullible…

I would have to guess Hulk Hogan then. If you are around my age, he would be the next one or Jessie the Body Ventura turned Governer.


Hulk Hogan, that’s the guy!

You guys need to watch some NHL… ;D

No, ask the brasilians what they watch… it’s no fakey!

If you enjoy fights, this one only has the obvious rules, like hitting the lower parts is a no go. Everything else, pretty much, “anything goes” (Vale Tudo in portuguese)

Football, NFL, rugby, they’re all good, but …

If it ain’t Rugby League, it ain’t football, guys. :■■■■

Hello Mr. Aowl,

No thanks , if I want to see a bunch of toothless men hitting eachother with sticks, I can go up north a bit further where “the furniture stays outside and motorbikes is indoors spit”. No i’m not kidding,
but let’s not go there. :o So you like NHL huh? Well i’ve got a few things to say about the NHL…

Paul ;D