needless to say. the pirate bay was jacked. I’m against (totally against) copyright infringement . Hard work should be rewarded. I violate the rule for games. Too much money spent on ■■■■■■■■ second rate games. I torrent the full version and if deserved I buy it. Either-way the site deserves to exist.

A mirror with updates. Once the the load balancer comes back online it will be what it was.

Interesting article but not what I experience at all with the Costa Rica server ? What ever it is the trackers are working 100%

Personally I’ll stick to other established sites until the situation becomes clearer.

The fact that they made accounts with the same name of uploaders of the original Pirate bay and then upload content through them without the original account owners doing it, well that’s a huge issue in my opinion and I wouldn’t trust them at all.

YIFY uploaded The Equalizer BrRip and the hash checks out. I think that was a statement on Determination. Time will tell.

Much Respect Sanya IV Litvyak