The Bat! GMAIL, other mails and CSE, but GMAIL won`t work

Here is the overall picture:

Windows XP SP3
Client Mail The Bat! 4.2.x.x
Mail accounts: 8, including 2 Gmail accounts

The problem: Although I’ve followed EXACTLY instructions given here…

I just can’t get CSE to “Intercept” Gmail accounts.
Instruction at the given URL specify that SSL should be ticked Off in Gmail accounts (os SSL accounts) within the email clients configuration, it also says that a new port should be configured in CSE’s settings… all that is done, yet, nothing is working for Gmail, it seems to work for the other email account, but not for Gmail, none of the 2 accounts I have.

So, what could I be doing wrong? What should I do? Can someone help me! Please!

Hi, gcasanova

From your older posts;msg229615#msg229615 you could configure CSE well :wink:

for POP3 gmail accounts please do the following:

Firstly, you should change to in both The Bat (I’ve checked it with latest Pro version ) and CSE
Secondly, you should configure both ports settings in your mail client well .
Ensure that your The Bat uses ‘Regular’ connection method to receive/send mails.
And the last one, disable APOP authentication method for receiving mails (by pressing ‘Authentication’ button ) → just set it to ‘Regular’


OK, I didn’t look at the images and didn’t realize I had to use ports 1000 and 1001.
I’ve changed that and now I can receive mails, BUT, I can’t receive mails from one of my gmail accounts to the other (both configured to be received by Tha Bat!).

Also, I can’t decrypt messages sent from one of my gmail accounts to other of my regular accounts.

Two years ago, “Eugene” said: We are considering adding autoimport settings from The Bat! in future releases." It looks as if Comodo stopped developing this product. CSE is very hard to use with The Bat!

Yes, it does indeed need further work. And CSE doesn't work with openPGP!.