The bar (panel) for Dragon from Internet Security

The bar (panel) for Dragon from Internet Security (or the separate program) for preservation, enciphering and automatic substitution of passwords to sites and forums (a database of passwords on the Internet).
Such bar and such function is realised in the program “Norton 360” for Internet Explorer or Firefox (part Norton Site Safety). Very convenient function!
Presence of the given service would present COMODO Internet Security and COMODO Dragon on more high level!

Absence of the given service is a unique reason on which I cannot pass completely on COMODO Dragon

i would rather keep all my passwords in my head or on paper; that’s how you will keep them safe. And don’t save any password in IE or any browser (atleast i don’t).

Tip: make 3 or more long passwords and then mix them and you’ll have plenty of passwords that you will have easy to remember.


Either I have incorrectly explained, or you have misunderstood me.
It is not necessary to store passwords in a fireproof wall! It is necessary to store passwords with special programs in the ciphered kind.
Then it is necessary соеденить these two programs and a fireproof wall will search sites, and the special program with your ciphered passwords - to insert passwords according to your desire.
All is very simple and very safe!
Look as works “Norton 360” and to you all becomes clear!

Yours faithfully,

okey i will look into the Norton 360 to see what you mean and i am sorry that I misunderstood you