The Banning Game (Locked)

How about we all play a Forever wide game called Banned?

All you do is ban the post before yours. Please have the posts be w/in forum rules. > <
Please remember this is for fun, no real bans taking place in this game, unless you really mess up but hope that doesn’t happen.

They can be silly, funny, or goofy.

For example: (Your banned because the leaves are falling off the trees.) or (You’re banned because I’m really happy.)

This game is for anyone & everyone.

Who wants to start off?

This game is over & locked.

Wow… yea, you’ve been permanently banned a lot of times. What’s the issue?

:slight_smile: I’m guessing you’re the one that want’s 2 start off the game? :slight_smile:

Same response to your PM…

Banning is neither fun or frivolous. I can make it so… but, I don’t. You shouldn’t either.

Locked by the OP.