The banner for comodo dragon is incorrectly positioned


The banner for comodo dragon is incorrectly positioned against CPM.

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What is your screen resolution? I’m seeing it fine on 1920x1080 in Chrome and Firefox.

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It shows normal in FF and Opera browser. Try cleaning cache and cookies and restart FF and see what happens.

Strange! I checked in Opera 11.61, ff11, ie9 and SRWare Iron 17.0.1000.1.
It was in the wrong position in all but SRWare Iron.

Are you using ad blocker solutions in your browsers or do they have extensions in common? What happens when you start browser with extensions disabled?

By the way. I am using a test build of Opera 11.62.

Opera- built in content blocker but disabled for checking.
FF - AdBlockPlus but disabled for testing.
Ie - nothing in use
Iron - nothing in use

Hi Mohan,
Is it showing correctly now?

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Correct in Chrome 17.
Correct in Firefox 11.
Not correct in Opera 12.

The table has no borders in Firefox and Opera.

In Chrome there is an issue at the top of the page (it looks good before the page is fully loaded).

Tested on Ubuntu 11.10, 64-bit. Tested both http and https.

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Forget my observations. I thought I was looking at something else… :-\ :stuck_out_tongue:

Fx 11
@Sal Amader - 1280*1024
@EricJH - Sorry yes ABP + NoScript it becomes so ubiquitous now that forget I have this on.
@captainsticks - Unfortunately no, disable JS and it breaks positioning

So essentially the CSS / JS relative positioning isn’t working.

Doesnt seem to be the best approach.


Hi Mohan,
Thanks for this information, I tried your findings and it is confirmed here as well with JS disabled positioning is incorrect.