The 'Balloon Messages' should be on the Left.

If you’ve ever tried using the ‘Balloon Messages’, you will know how frustrating/silly/useless it is having them on the Right: The same place as the CIS Pop-up Alerts.

You can’t usually click on the Alerts because the ‘Balloon Messages’ cover the ‘Alerts Buttons’.

I think, for anyone to be able to benefit from them, they really need to be moved to the Left.

I know that the ‘Start Menu’ can cover them if they were on the Left, but this would be far less of a problem than they currently cause.

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I guess the bigger question is, can they even be moved? Aren’t they using the standard Windows balloon messages API? Does the application even have control over where the balloons spawn? I’ve only ever seen balloons on the right hand side.

I think you’re referring to the Windows ‘Balloon Messages’.

The Vote is for the CIS ‘Balloon Messages’.

The CIS ‘Balloon Messages’ are Disabled by default for obvious reasons; you’ll see why…

Right-click the ‘System Tray’ Icon and select ‘Display Balloon Messages’ to see them.

I have made it possible for people to change their Vote if they think they’ve submitted the wrong Vote.

[b]Show the balloon messages[/b] - These are the notifications that appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen - just above the tray icons. Usually these messages say ' Comodo Firewall Pro is learning ' or 'Defense+ is learning ' and are generated when these modules are learning the activity of previously unknown components of trusted applications. Uncheck this option if you do not want to see these messages.

[ CIS Wiki ]

Yes, well spotted…

As I said, isn’t CIS using the standard Windows balloon messages protocol? Because if you turn off Windows balloon messages with an application like TweakUI, it also kills the CIS balloon messages. Because if that’s the case, I don’t know that applications have any control over where the balloons pop up other than the standard Windows location.