The b*ggers are trying to steal my CAMToken


I am running Rapport security as recommended by my bank. Every week it displays a warning that the attempt to access the Bank’s CAMToken has been intercepted. My account remains secure but what is the nature of this attack and where is it coming from?



Hi Mike,

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You did not provide any information whatsoever
How do you expect that anybody would be able to help?

What OS/platform are you using?
What is your security setup?
What browser? Are there any additional layers of security that many are using (rather should have) fore their browser(s)?
What is the precise message? You can post and image as well

… and so on…

Please be more specific and post as detailed info as possible

My regards

Also, what did Rapport support say when you contacted them?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Sorry about lack of information. I just thought it might be a common problem (obviously not). Also because I am getting a bit paranoid, I felt the less I tell the less the security risk. Bit of a “catch 22”.
I have not spoken to Rapport yet. So I will do that before I come back with further detail.