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I haven’t really seen any threads about cars here, so I guess no one is interested. But have you ever thought of the likeness between Range Rover and MB 300 TE, if you change the proportions of e.g. the MB? :-La


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Which do you prefer LA,i love the sport model below(its mine i wish)

Nice 1 Matty

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Hi Leon

Hmmm Range Rover and Merc’s 300 TE likeness, do you mean likeness as a comparative matter or likeness I mean you like one of the cars over the other one

When I think of a Range Rover I think of a 4x4 SUV (any model, any size engine, any year), and when I think of the Merc’s MB 300 TE I think of the W124 model circa. 1986-1996. So these two respectables models has not very in common. Regardless, I like both models , both are really good cars by its own, but my favorite (in a no derogatory way, of course) is the Merc 300 TE, and now that we’re talking about cars, the W123 Merc’s 300TD Turbodiesel is a real classic. The Merc’s W123 models were the last classic Merc’s.

Leon, would you please talk about a particular Range Rover model or year ???

P.D Daimler-Chrysler isn’t paying me for the sponsoring (:SAD) hehehe (:LGH)

MiguelAngelXP :■■■■

Nice car, Matty. Do you like Merc’s G Class. I know its a boxy SUV, I precisely like for that reason. Indeed I like all models

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The overall shape of the two cars/suvs is almost identical,in silouette form you wouldnt be able to tell which is which unless you knew the smallest detail.I think the Mercedes Benz designers basically ripped off Range Rovers design as it is the most popular 4x4 on the market.Still i expect the Merc to be a better engineered motor as nearly all mercs feel like they where honed from granite.

Whats everyones favourite car,mines gotta be the merc gullwing,a fantastic looking vehicle.

Nice 1 Matty :■■■■

Now thats a proper 4x4 MiguelAngelXP,you know you could go anywhere in one of them, probably dragging a house along if you wished and it wouldn`t flinch.Not a posers motor but plenty of grunt and built to last a lifetime :-TU


Glad to have some automobile freaks here. :slight_smile:

MiguelAngelXP, I meant likeness only as in similar silhouettes, with a bit different proportions (as my image indicates).

As for Range Rover, I only like the newest generation, the “classic” model. Like Vouge. I don’t only like it, I love it - so British, luxurious yet suited for terrain! I don’t really like the Sport, it’s not genuine to me as it’s closer to modern non-terrain SUV:s (although I know the Sport performs just as good in terrain as the real Range Rover). It’s also built on the Land Rover Discovery so they could call it Discovery Sport if you ask me. :-X

Both the Defender and the G-klasse are truly wonderful, I especially like the G-klasse. But it’s incredibly expensive, not the least compared to Defender.


Hi everyone, nice to see your posts, Leon , sorry, yesterday I saw the Range Rover picture that Matty posted yesterday, and when I got disconnected (I have a dial-up connection). I saw the Range Rover picture in my mind and the, knew what you meant about likeness, that’s the disadvantages to post in a language that isn’t your first language (Spanish for me).

I agree with both of you, about the RR and the Merc’s they shape are similar, but I don’t think that one copied the another.

I respect Range Rover they’re very good 4x4, and if you want to give me the Range Rover as a birthday prsent , the less thing I would do is to reject it (:LGH) (:CLP)

As I said I like the G Class because its like a tank and it’s luxurious, and as you pointed it’s a hell of pricey, but lets dream about cars so I’m glad that you posted this topic, ahhhh but there’s other alternatives the ML (second generation, the first generation, uhhhh the bumpers looked very cheapy for a SUV like the ML, and the first generation had a lot of flaws), and the new GL Class , wow, a beautiful beast.

The new RR Freelander is a nice one too and the Discovery wow all are gorgeous

Well I live you by now (I think that it would be a good idea to have a chat, I just think, but if only there is a realistic possibility, so I think about its pro and cons.

MiguelAngelXP :■■■■

PD : Sometimes I miss the Bruno Sacci school design
Bruno Sacci : Former Merc’s designer, it worked there beetween the years 1974-2000

Yeah, the new ML is a quite nice SUV. But I’m very “split” when it comes to today’s Mercedes cars, I really love a handful of them, but others are less beautiful I think.

The ones I just love are:

SL (NOT the facelifted 2008 version which doesn’t have those double round front lights)
CLS (just amazing, except for the front lights - which now are similar to the new SL)

I don’t dream of any other new Mercedes. But I do dream of the previous S-klasse, replaced in 2005 or something like that? And also the previous CL is amazing. On the other hand I wouldn’t say no to the brand new CL 63 AMG I saw in my city some months ago. ;D

Bruno Sacci, designer 1974-2000? If he was involved in the SL that came 2001, they should have kept him… :cry:


Hmmm, the W220 was a beautiful car, yes, Mr. Sacci, he was the chief designer of Mercedes during that time. Ahhh so now that we’re all talking in the same frequency, I tell you (all the ones who are postings messages here) that I miss the BMW old-school designs the E46 3 Series, circa years 2000-2004. When appeared the then new 7-Series models in 2004, the BMW fans didn’t like the new design. Well its a matter of likes.

And going to the Far East the turn that made Mazda was very good, the Mazda 3 and 6 are the best sellings but a little pricey…

MiguelAngelXP :■■■■

BTW : This is my real car… I was in a hurry… I needed a bathroom… :■■■■

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I suppose I have to learn the Mercedes codes like W220. :slight_smile:

I do know BMW codes better, because it used to be my very, very favorite brand - from 1994 (when I was 11) till 2003 or so. The 7-series that came in 2002 was not what drove me away from BMW, it was the 5 series that came in 2003. I just can’t stand the design, still, after 5 years. It’s so ugly. E38 and E39 on the other hand are two really beautiful cars (E46 that you mention is also great, especially the coupé and cabrio), they don’t have any ■■■■■■■ up shapes or look like the are fed with tons of bratwursts - they are just so elegant.

Never thought I would give up on BMW as number 1, but I did… Today, the very favorites are:

  • Porsche 911 (latest 997 and the 1990’s 993 model, not 996!)
  • Jaguar XJ (I really prefer the X308 design but of course the X350 technology!)
  • Range Rover (non-Sport!)
  • Mercedes SL 600 (year 2007)



What, the best these days? I know i would kill for the RS5!
Seriously, who want me to off someone? ;D

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Hi Pedro, nice to see you joining the thread :slight_smile:

I almost have to delete those pictures, being a mod, they are just too much. :slight_smile:

Seriously, Audi is very fine these days. The only thing I don’t like is that they are too plain and simple in their looks. Also, I think they are pretty much doing the same thing as BMW - but BMW has a longer history of building “sportive” family cars. And I really can’t stand the interiors (dash board design) of Audi, they are just terrible - please forgive me. :-[ But except for those things, Audi makes very nice cars. The A5, A6, A8/S8 (which is an exception when it comes to interior) and R8 are all great. A relative of mine has the A6 saloon, 3.2 quattro, what a “ride”…


I don’t think BMW is 1- as beautiful and 2- as advanced, but i’m not an engineer :stuck_out_tongue:
Personally, having seen S5’s live, and sat on them, they are the best, well for me they are, you can have the others LA!
Lexus isn’t bad either (:LOV)

I Pedro, nice to have you here in this topic. The idea as you see is to share opinions about cars, and we all not have to agree with the others’ like or don’t like, so feel relaxed. About Audi yes… althought it isn’t my German favorite car, certainly is doing very fine this years

And to all who want to take a look , let me give a gift… I hope you like it.

MiguelAngelXP :■■■■

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I’m well relaxed thank you :slight_smile:
LA knows i’m kidding.

I’m glad to hear that… so you’re fond of Audi’s. They’re good cars, I like the TT Quattro , and the R8 they are very sexy.

Now I know what the psichologists meant about cars… but I don’t listen them too much, if I like a car, I like it… the Merc SL AMG 63 increased its power from 457 CV to 525 CV, not really the car, the engine I mean, so we will see the improved AMG 63 engine in the another models

MiguelAngelXP :■■■■

PD I know I’m the only one who is still awaken

Hi guys talking about Merc and the way they number there cars i wonder if any of you know if this is true or just an urban myth?
Apparently(so i`ve been told) Mercedes cars were branding as such

C-Class = Compact Class
E-Class = Executive Class
SE = Senior Executive Class
CL = Coupe Limousine
SL = Sport Limousine
T = Touring
G = Genaral

Dont think this applies anymore but it sort of sounds right.

Matty :■■■■

ps I drove past a parked up Zonda the other day and couldn`t believe how wide it was(you be scared driving it down any normal road)

Of course I do :slight_smile:

What do you think of the 65? With 612 bhp. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I think the very most suitable engine for the SL is the plain V12 (600), no sporty stuff, just an evil cruiser.

:o I’ve never even seen such an exotic car, the closest ones are:

  • Lamborghini Diablo Roadster
  • Lamborghini Murciélago
  • Aston Martin DB9 V12

And it wasn’t in a fancy district, those cars are driving around in my little Nordic city with ~500.000 people.


Ahh. Aston Martin Vanquish. Beauty (:LOV) Classic. (:KWL)