The anticipation thread for excited Comodo users.

OK, we all accept the release date thread is closed so any mention of the “R” date is !ot! in this thread.

However, I’m sure we can all use this thread to discuss the forthcoming CAVS3 without stressing Melih and the Mods (otherwise it will just end up being closed too).

I believe CAVS3 will take some time to get up to the top 10 antiviruses but once it gets there it will be there for good. it will ■■■■ away Avira and AVG and even Avast I believe. But it will need time to get there like they all did.

The only reason the other thread was closed was it was becoming a bit too much like "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? "

Sometime this year, I heard. =P

Why in such a hurry guys, I read this

Here's what we know. When CAVS 3 comes out in Beta it will support Vista 32 and 64 bit. CAVS 3 will come out before December 2012, most likely much sooner.
[url=]from here[/url]

So we have some time left …

Anyway guys, don’t panic and don’t argue any more over release date, or what it will include, and how it will look like or how it will perform, etc.



are we there yet panic ? ;D

Yes, Thanks Xan.

Let’s have a REST from CAV3 & CIS talk and let the devs & Melih do their thing! :slight_smile:


But this is OK… :wink:

This service provides info on all new releases. Not just the Firewall, CAV 3, etc included!


are public betas pretty stable i want to ditch my current av for cavs when it comes out. this brings me to a important question will i need to remove firewall to use CIS or will the av and firewall make CIS.

Well, I’m definately an excited CAVS3 fan :D. Once CAVS3 is released (even beta), I’m going to remove VirusScan 8.5i from my works laptop. Not long now…


Edit: Btw, I’ve been running CAVS2 for ages. I only removed CAVS2 for VirusScan because of the problem with removing USB flash drives (hopefully CAVS3 won’t have this problem).

Hey Graham1, I am almost positive I read that the CAVS USB flashdrive issue is FIXED in CAVS3 so woohoo! :slight_smile:

also am getting very excited to see if I get to ditch Avast! for good or not. ;D

That is great news ;D.


Everyone should be aware that all claims of “this’ll be fixed”, “that’ll be improved”, “it’ll be faster than a drugged athlete” and “will be able to slice, dice and julienne” are, until the software sees light of day, speculation.

Nothing more.
Nothing less.

Maybe we should all wait until the lines exist before we try reading in between them. :wink:


Ewen :slight_smile:

im going to put subliminal messages in all my forum sigs so when cavs is released, ill be doing my bit to collapse current av companies. >:-D

Me too. Once CAVS3 is in final release and stable I’ll advertise it in all my forum signatures too. (V)

(:WAV) (:WAV) (:WAV)



Hi All,

I have Avira Premium that will expire on 10/14…

I am in no hurry for the new Cavs3, so take your time!

By the time I install it…all the bugs should be worked out.

Thanks ppl for Great Products! :slight_smile:

Ewen, well said! nothing more to be added…

Xman (:KWL)

I thank you are right.In any event,we are all hoping for a great CAVS3.
With the Comodo record I thank that hope rises to a near certainty.
With the NORMAL teething problkems of ANY new program.

With all due respect,(If I was happy with Avira I would not be Chomping at the bit to see CAVS3),
but if CAVS3 blows away Avira,then AVAST will be no contest.