The Anti-phishing Domain Advisor Plugin works for Chrome but not Dragon

When i click on the test link in chrome it shows the plugin is working but not in Dragon…

Yeah. It doesn’t work for me either. I don’t think the plugin works for dragon. Can anybody here help this guy?

This plugin is a bit of mystery to me.

It works on FF and Opera but I can find no trace of this plugin when I check the lists of plugins in FF and Opera nor does a plugin show up in the plugin folders of the two browsers. It is not in the extensions of the two browsers either… 88)

Remember. If a plug-in works, great. If not, don’t use it.
Most but not all plug-in for Chrome do work in Dragon.
Do you think MS rewrites IE just to allow 1 or 2 plug-in to work or is it the other way around?

It is not a plugin actually. It is an application that does the work. In that case it is best to contact the vendor and ask them to include Comodo Dragon.

i have seen some Utube Video’s using this Plugin with different A/V’s and it seemed to do a good job blocking bad URL’S. It works for me in Chrome and IE9 …