the ability to hide certain options in context menus

maybe this could be done in a way similer to menu editor for firefox. here’s a screen shot

for example one thing i’d hide is open in new window. most people don’t use windows anymore for web pages so this would help bring down the clutter of the context menu.

maybe the option could go under the hood or personal stuff idk

also give the ability to to rearrange items in context menus by dragging and dropping them once in the options to configure the context menu

I use ‘Open link in a new window’ on a near daily basis in addition to tabs and I am sure many web devs do too. Giving the option to ‘clean up’ what we (users) don’t use, is good, but to outright remove the feature would be a deal breaker for me.

that’s why i said
“for example one thing i’d hide is open in new window.” not for comodo to remove the option entirely. i’m suggesting that comodo empower the user to hide, show or rearrange what they want seen in the context menu. i was just using “open in new window” as an example for what i’d remove personally through this option. not for comodo to remove and never let the user have that functionality again