The 5 Points...

Once you View The 5 Points of PC Protection - Geek Buddy | Comodo then click on “Interaction Point 4” as you see/notice all the other Points disappear

Dragon Latest Ver.

Comodo Antivirus | Free Antivirus Software Download 2022?

The Buy Now button is over hanging onto the grey area (A bit un professional look imo)

Also, noticed that the Antivirus and the Firewall page is the only one that toggles “Video” tab on visit, instead of showing Overview tab

Not to sure if this is important but when you click “Print View” the buy now “Shadow” is overhanging the line below.

Also, On the “Antivirus Print View” you can see Download/Buy Now buttons but on the Firewall Print View you Cannot see download button.

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Once you view the video there are duplicate buttons for “Your PC Health Check” and “Buy Now”

More times you view the video the more duplicate buttons there are.

Same with Antivirus Page and Internet Security Pro Page and TrustConnect Page

Hmm, different buttons. :-\

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They must be updating the website, What browser are you using?

Chrome 15.0.874.121 on Ubuntu 11.10.

looks like this to me, same to you?

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Comodo system cleaner can’t fit?

I guess needs to be re-done or fixed

Same with “Free Trials”

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Like this.

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Looks even worse for me.

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Not sure by design, but when you click UC Certificates, The Product Menu to the Left stays Expanded on all Main Solutions(Doesn’t do it on Elite SSL)

Not sure by design

The “Product Menu” to the left GeekBuddy - Tech Support and PC Help | Comodo (Or any where on when you expand any other “Category” and go off the menu it collapses to the Current Category/Product.
On it’s different, It actually stays expanded and doesn’t collapse. (Digital Certificates From Xcitium | PKI Management Tools)

Again, Not sure by design but
(Xcitium Blog | CyberSecurity and Zero Threat Information or any other form)
when submitting any type of information from on the bottom it says “We promise to protect your personal information” but yet it’s not encrypted when submitted, By default should link into a https form.

Meet with Comodo at RSA 2011, Booth 2439.
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I think RSA already passed unless you mean the one in Europe Next year?

Not sure if it’s just me,

The Video just shows Click Here
and once I click, No Video Appears but just a white space with hor/ver scroll bars

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Again with the “5 Points”
and click on Computer Protection or Interaction Protection and the five points will be bye bye “Latest Video shows CIS 4.0” “Latest Video shows CIS 5”

Nope. :wink:
The YouTube embed-code is not right.