The 2008 Board Of Studies School Certificate (Australia, New South Whales)

Hi Guys,

I have my School Certificate starting Monday, 10th of November 2008 And will end on Wednesday, 12th of November 2008. The Exam tests EVERY student in Year 10, In the state of New South Whales Australia.

82,000 Students in NSW will be sitting this exam, All at the same time. So you could say “Josh vs 82000 other kids”

What I am being tested on:
English (2 hour Exam, Monday) - 9:00AM to 11AM
Science (2 hour Exam, Monday) - 12:30AM to 2:30AM
Mathematics (2 hour Exam, Tuesday) - 9:00AM to 11AM
Australian History & Geography (1 hour for History, 1 hour for Geography) - 12:30AM to 2:30AM
Computing Skills (1 hour Computer Exam on Wedneday) (COMPULSORY FOR ALL STUDENTS).

(We get a one hour lunch break).

One thing is I am not stressing about it, or over-loading my self. I am working casually, Doing my Karate, Being with friends & being here helping Comodo… hehe. :slight_smile: It’s all general knowledge… I am not over-confident, Or anything… But next Week 3rd November of Monday till the exams are over on the 12th of November, You won’t see much of me here. :slight_smile:

P.S - I hate Science. :smiley:

So wish me luck. :slight_smile:


Good luck Josh :slight_smile:


82,000 other kids vs. Josh? Yay gore! :slight_smile:

Seriously, good luck! (And if you need to, ask away, I used to teach maths, physics and chemistry freelance, and any one here is basically a nerd. LOL)

Good Luck

Good luck! I know that you at least won’t fail the Computing Skills. :wink:

Ha, I guess I’m the only non-mod who is posting. Good luck, you’ll need it (should we also hope those other 82,000 students have bad luck? :P)!!!

Just to let you know, I hate science too. (:LGH)

New South Whales should surprise your Australian History and Geography teachers. :wink: Good luck!