The still crashs in my computer.

Last version is also.

Winxp+SP2(office release) ,Mcafee 8.5i Enterprise. No any other FW ,HIPS,ANTI-VIRUS.

I heared that last version conflictes with CD-burning soft, but I didn’t install soft for this.
I installed sony vegase(a non-line edite soft for video), It include certian cd-burning function, and it does not start with system.

When I installed, My computer rebootes once and again. when I see logon interface, waiting for several seconds, computer rebootes. or I logon in , I can see desktop, when I waiting for finish initializing, it rebootes.

If you need any information, I willing provide.


I have used McAfee Enterprise before; on the version I used, it had an integrated Desktop Firewall feature. Are you sure that is not activated on the server and across the network to each workstation?