That warm and fuzzy feeling

I have to admit that this is one of the best if not simple the best software Firewall solution I’ve ever run. In no time at all this package detected things going on that ZA, Outpost, and the old Sygate never had a clue about. Hats off to the Coders/Developers of this fine software package. People are always asking me what software do I recomend for security on a net connected machine. I glad to say I now have a simpler answer than before when I would rattle of a list of firewalls and anti-virus programs followed up by “But if you want … you’ll have to purchase the pro or what ever version.” Now I can simply say “Comodo Firewall and Anti-Virus they are 100% free.” Being able to make a statement like that gives me a nice warm and fuzzy feeling. Thank you once again and keep up the great work! (:CLP)

thanks Luc

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this magazine is wanting CPF user reviews :slight_smile:
thanks for your help