thanx million

(:KWL)thanx a lot for sharing such a nice soft with us…its really very easy to use n also protective n powerfull…plz keep up yous good job bros… :BNC (L)

thanks Perth

we really appreciate the post.



I would also like very much to thank you for your superb software and avid endeavors.

HOWEVER, IF YOU CEASE SUPPORT FOR WIN 2K, then I shall sit here angrily and pout!

i join you guys in expressing gratitude to comodo and all the people who made this excellent software. its free. its great, simple UI, what more can i ask for. i tried many HIPS in the past too, including bitdefender, but i didnt last a month (complicated UI, resource-extensive, other issues). i started comodo sometime last month and am satisfied with the outcome of my having invested time in getting to know such a wonderful software. (R)

u know, i never really believed in a “free software”. i always thought the corporate entities do get something out of us (users of free software) somehow… but i think comodo is really different as what the CEO explains. so, it’s a nice framework of doing business too.

i feel glad that i bumped into this forum sometime last may. i learned about comodo in one of the threads and that’s how i started with it. (L)

again, thanks a lot and may God Bless these people that they may be able to help even more. (:AGL)

I am sure everyone will appreciate this post :slight_smile:

Thanks, thanks_cfp lol

Hope you can stick around :wink:

(R) Let me join and salute the Comodo team, I really appreciate the fine tuning available in Comodo firewall.

Nice words. :slight_smile: