Thanks to Vettetech . . .


If I may send this to you, to inform you of the GREAT assistance that is available on your FORUM. Not only with ‘Vettetech’ but ‘adric’, as well, have saved me from your latest version of Comodo v3.0.16.295 as it had taken over my system and was causing much havoc. I have experienced many problems with this system since it’s arrival. I am very good at keeping my old system, Win98SE, alive and working rather well. Much of what I had learned from Win98SE has been helpful in keeping this one running, some have given me many problems that is my fault. When I installed the latest version of Comodo all came crashing down and it took me two days to regain some normal operations. I was so upset that I could not even think straight enough to even do a search for some HELP. Vettetech sent me to a link provided by adric to regain v3.0.15.277 that was the last version that kept me in GOOD operation. I am finding it a little difficult to promote your software to friends and family with these MAJOR bumps in the road. I feel your software is very good, but; due to these problems I am advising all to stay-away from v3.0.16.395. If need be I will remain on the version I presently have installed from now on, v3.0.15.277. That is my final decision until there is some real PROOF that our systems are better protected and will not be taken over by supposedly PROTECTING software. I have your VEngine® installed and am very pleased with it and it’s operations. I have found your A/V software less than what I want on my system. If you are not pleased with my message then you have my permission to remove it. This is my opinion and is not influenced by any other.

Thank you for reading my Poster toaster,

I appreciate your honest post NTxLS

in certain circumstances update might cause issues depending on the configuration of the previous version. Our guys have fixed this issue and will do a release shortly with the fix.

Thank you



I see this has received many reads and would like to place this link:;msg136658#msg136658

here for all to see and know how you handled my dastardly ways.

Thank you for reading and having this GREAT software for us to use as well as being very forgiving,