Thanks to the Irish people

to ol’ IRELAND



(:m*) As you understand, I had to make at least a topic split (from the Comodo Search thread) to begin with. :wink:


Amen Rebol :slight_smile:

Harry (:CLP)

Come on REBOL, let’s not forget that this is a security forum. And this is the General Discussion board, with a topic that concerns Comodo Search. Your post has nothing to do with that, so no matter how important the question is, there are many other places to raise it.

BTW this topic may become a seed to this part of the forum policy:

Political flames. As above - Comodo forum participants have different backgrounds and political views. Flaming each other based on these helps no one and will be intervened by Comodo staff and/or Mods.

Thus we should be careful in this type of discussons.


I second that !
As a citizen of a country that was not allowed to vote
on the issue I thank the Irish people as does millions across Europe .

Indeed, a pint of Guiness methinks.
Code Napoleon; corrupt EuroPoliticians even more telling us what to do; use ‘terrorism’ to impose a pseud-dictatorship.

Europe should be a federal institution. I admire the French; “Oui, M. Brussels”, then V