Thanks for the free products

You’ll have to forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong part of this forum, I’m an old man and I’m wearing glasses so get over it,

I downloaded both the firewall and the antivirus into my 3700+ AMD desktop without a hitch ! All’s well and thanks for the free products.

So I downloaded both onto my Compac laptop as well. Problems appeared then, wouldn’t load the firewall or the antivirus after partially starting . I found that by disconnecting everything including the broadband cable plugged into it it allowed the firewall and the antivirus to finalise into the system. I connected all the extra USB options and the broadband after shutting down and restarted and find now all is fine. So , again, thanks for the free products and I hope this helps others with the same problem.

Welcome, Stiches, and thanks for the comments and sharing your experience. If we had any problem with where you posted, we’ve already gotten over it! (:WAV)


I have been looking for such an awesome and free security solution. Thx to ggogle cz one search and I was here. I like Comodo very much and thx for offering this wide range of products. I am sure Comodo will emerge as the largest of all IT security solution providers one day!

TNX for the comments, Havoc, and welcome to the forums!


Sooo, this is the official “Thank-You” thread then?

Well I’ll join the fray and say thank you too to the company, the ceo, the developers, the moderators … all for making great good programs, and not the least, making the forum a friendly and fun place to be!

I forgot how I came upon Comodo. No, really. But after I got Comodo I ditched all ZA* installations and go strictly Comodo everywhere. It never disappointed me.

So, kudos!



Official, unofficial… I think Comodo gladly takes the “thanks” wherever they arrive.

As a Mod, I myself say thanks for your thanks, and welcome to the forums!

Poke around, and ask questions as you need.


I couldn’t find a POST button, so I hit reply. Just wanted to mention that I had not been able to get a response from Sunbelt Kerio Firewall in 4 days, I could find no User Forums, so I uninstalled my ‘paid for’ copy and located Comodo, installed it and resolved my problem right off the bat. Much easier to manipulate and understand. I was being blocked from printing to my hardwired printer from my wireless laptop by the firewall and could not figure out how to fix it without shutting it down. Keep up the good work!

Found this place by accident, and need a firewall. I downloaded the fw and the antivirus. Had mojor problems.Because I am TOTALLY new to even basic computing, and an old geezer to boot, it took me several hours to resolve my issues and get back up.(I was locked out of winlogon.exe) but I managed.
I’ve poked around your site for hours, reading and absorbing as much info as I can. Must admit that some of it goes over my head, and I have to puzzle out a lot of the “jargon”, but that’s the fun of learning.
I am impressed with the products, and even more by (most) of the postings. The concept of aiding each other in the growth of new technology is wonderful.While I was initially unaware what a beta product was, I’m glad I took the ride, bumpy as it was.(I once in life tried to become an Air Force test pilot too!)
I’m sure this is the wrong place to add this, but I solved my lockup by going into safe mode and just returning to an earlier setting using my checkpoints.( Okay, so I wanted to be a test pilot, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have worn a parachute.)
In reading some of the comments about the problems people were having, while using no names, I want to point out that they were getting a free product, and most of them had to be aware that there was some chance of a problem. NO FAIR GRIPING then.
I think your security items will do wonders, and thank you for making them available. I will be reloading the firewall,at least, as soon as I see enogh to convince me the bird will fly.
Also, I registered it, and got confirmation in my email, once that was back up. Will there be a problem with doing another download?
In ending,(yes my grown kids do tell me I’m long winded), tell anyone else who complains that if a guy who voted for JFK can get over it and try another round, what IS there problem.
Thanks, good site

Welcome, Timbuk2 and Enigma Rider (:WAV)

TNX for the feedback and kind words!

Timbuk2, I’m glad you’re finding the product and the website easier to use than Kerio. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the appropriate threads (or create a new one if you can’t find a match already in place); we do try to respond within 24 hours (we don’t always make it, but we try).

Enigma Rider, I am extremely sorry you got hit with the winlogon.exe debacle right off the bat! Glad you could take it in stride… I can assure you the FW will fly, and like an eagle, at that! If you have concerns/problems, check out the FAQ Read Me First board, and the Help section. Ask us some questions; we’ll help you get her in the air… :wink:


I’m one more satisfied Comodo user :BNC I have been a devoted fan of Symantec products and used NIS 2005 for over three years, then I decided to try something free and switched over to Avast! and Zone Alarm. And then… I discovered Comodo, and now I’m using both Comodo firewall and antivirus and I am impressed, really impressed by the effectiveness and nice appearance (which is also important (:WIN)) of these products. I had no problems whatsoever with any of them, even though I am now using CAVS beta version. To be quite honest, I started with CAVS version 1.1 which I had for one day and I did not like the LaunchPad, but soon enough there was the 2 beta version available, and this one is perfect for me (:CLP) (V)

Great, hecia13, glad you’re liking the products. Stick around, and help make 'em better!


I am new here,and so far this is a good firewall.I thought I would have all kinds of problem’s,but no.I am very new too computer’s,so you will have to bear with me.I will be telling all my friends about this here firewall,and it’s free too. (:CLP) :BNC (:WAV) (R)

Comodo firewall is perfect! I like it! (:HUG)

i`ve tried several firewalls ,and luckyly i found comodo~!
it is efficient ,free and beautful~!
comodo ,your best choice~

Thank you for the free products. (L)

Thanks for your comment. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile: