Thanks for the free firewall but...

Thanks for the free firewall but…but I’m going to have to delete it off my computer. Your software may pass leak tests on websites but it doesn’t allow me to use my file sharing programs such as BitComet. Yup, I looked at your helpful FAQ but what got me to kill of Comodo was that it was blocking ports that I specify to keep open with your rules. Something about “invalid TCP flag combination”.

But hey the firewall was for free, so no hard feelings.

Ok. Good luck.

Welcome at the forums (:WAV)

First thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:
Second you could have asked for some help before deleting it. This problem could be caused by:

  1. Bad installation. In this chase a reinstall would have solved it.
  2. Sometimes it can be caused by the “Do protocol analysis” feature. This can be resolved if you disable this option.

Good luck

Yes vms, as pandlouk said, you could ask us Comodo-users how we could help you! I am sure we could help you with your problems! This forum is for helping each other!

So…welcome back…when you want to give this great firewall a second chance! :slight_smile: