Thanks for removing my thread about complains

You want me to reports? ;D ;D

It’s moved, not deleted. :wink:

Oh didn’t found it :smiley:

so? problem solved? :-La you can check your own profile page to track your posts :slight_smile:
mods don’t delete posts (except spam). if we do, then it must be false positive ;D
pls inform one of mods by PM for issue like this O0

[attachment deleted by admin]

Problem not solved still haven’t heard anything.

well, have you tried tracking your own post? 88)
i can do it for you but you need to tell me which one? what’s the title? :-La

this one?;msg281889#msg281889

egemen did replie to your posts, it is just that he can’t reproduce your freezes. (to lazy atm to look up the post)
it could be a bad driver on your side phyxion…

No it was in the beta corner, already found it as written above.