Thanks for a great AV/IS suite

Ive been using Comodo Internet Security premium for about a year now and in that time my machine has not been infected with one single virus of any sort. I am seriously impressed and grateful, I used AVG AV before and tried a number of different firewalls, and was never happy with the fact they didn’t share detections and the support for the free versions was limited at best. Thank you very much for not treating your freeware users like second class customers, I recommend all of your software to everyone I know because of the great customer service excellent community of users and top notch effectiveness of your software. Thanks again for making the internet a safer, more enjoyable environment. You got my vote in the readers choice contest!

Welcome NoOneCMDfan. It is nice to see appreciative feedback, and for you to join the Forum to do just that is very nice of you. Thankyou back to you. Welcome to the Forum and enjoy. Thanks and Kind regards.

I wish more people think like that

I like how comodo defends my system…

but when running a scan, it cripples laptop…
core i5, 4GB RAM…

but when running a scan, it cripples laptop.. core i5, 4GB RAM..
WoW, You should report that bug here + Welcome to the Comodo Forum |-+ Desktop Security Products & Services | |-+ Comodo Internet Security - CIS | | |-+ Help - CIS | | | |-+ AntiVirus Help - CIS

Create a topic on the problem

just posted there… thank you…

I too think this ! I especially like strong and granular control of Defense+. Great ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you NoOneCMDfan for taking the time to give your feedback. We really appreciate it! Be virus free!


Welcome to the Comodo forums NoOneCMDfan… Anything you need we will do all we can to help ya… ;D

Yep we are all here to help you! :slight_smile: