Thanks Comodo :)

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your great product (CIS Premium free). It’s an amazing alternative to Norton Internet Security as my subscription has run out and I don’t feel like renewing it.

Your product works a lot better, scans faster and is overall comparable with Norton…but free. :slight_smile:

I use CIS along side MalwareBytes and Spybot. :slight_smile:

Once again, thank you! :smiley:

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

Make sure that you use nortons removal tool as admin in safe mode; it can happen the remains from uninstalling a program can cause unknown problems.

Valentin N

okey :slight_smile: :-TU

Don’t forget to check what software you download. I will give you some additional tools for that :slight_smile:

Hitman pro 32bit/64bit


urlvoid, virustotal, Anubis, Wepawet

Valentin N

Spybot is unnecessary with your current setup. There are many better on-demand scanners nowadays (Valentin mentioned them).

You forgot to add a .* extension to the urlvoid address.

Fixed :slight_smile: and thanks :-TU

^^ They are soon to release a new version (version 5).

Looks very good,

Indeed, I currently have two copies of the pro version and its so light on resources. Both its processes are currently only using 3mb of ram combined. Be outstanding if the new version is even lighter.

Thanks back to you for taking the time to Thank Comodo ( I’ll join you with that), and to give your feedback to us all on this Forum. I am very glad you like CIS, and I hope you continue to enjoy and benefit from it. Welcome and Kind regards to you.

I forgot to say taht you should keep Hitman pro even if 30 days license goes away; it’s a good program with good engines.

if you want other recommendation just tell me and I will guide you.

Valentin N

Welcome aboard!

This sentence refered to other software and antimalware security.

Valentin N

Welcome, you’ve made a great choice! :-TU If you have any questions just ask, there are many helpful people here ready to do whatever they can to make your Comodo experience the best it can be. ;D

I said the same thing when I joined. This is also something that many people try to use against Melih & Comodo but anyone who’s been here for any length of time will realize it’s just jealousy on their part. :wink:

Who do we exist for?

Our users and customers! To us its only natural that we take part, we want to be part of your experience and help you all the way!

We’ll be with you every step of the way :slight_smile:

and although there will undoubtedly be the odd disagreement or two, they just serve to make the journey more interesting. :smiley:

The more you know, the more you realise how little you know!


The less you know, the less you realise how little you know!


Melih (I know nothing!) :slight_smile: