Thanks Comodo

I recently tried Comodo Firewall on a few Win2K and XP boxes, and was impressed with what I found. I am a Network Security Engineer with quite a bit of experience with Corporate firewall systems, including FW1, Pix, and Linux based systems.

I used ZAP Pro for my own systems, particularly for those not behind a SPI equipped router. While it worked reasonably well, it was always a bit of a resource hog, and the overhead tended to adversely effect some applications.

I was looking for something with a simple interface, that would quickly configure itself, BUT would also allow for expert set rules (that followed ‘typical’ syntax of high-end FW systems). Comodo fit the spec nicely :slight_smile:

I beat on Comodo FW with nmap for a few hours, and tried a wide variety of tricks and clever scans to see if I could get into the box in question… Comodo performed perfectly, even with some of my custom rules configured.

Nice work guys, excellent FW all around. I’ll definitely be recommending Comodo.



Thanks for that Griff and welcome to the forums.

Nice to see another satisfied user!

Keep an eye out for CFP 3, it is in beta testing at the moment but promises to be superb.


Just wanted to let you know I came to you all by looking for certs for email encryption. I hate some techs sitting at the ISP reading peoples mail and such because they can and are board. I know my wife worked for one of the largest. She left because of the sneaky stuff she said she did not want to work some place or any place where one has to lie or buffalo anyone. Well I am trying the backup program now and it installed great with no problems and to be honest the best looking and fastest installer I seen as well as the registration. Nice work. I am going to install all your free products and do a real test and a network vulernability test after all is done will let you all know.

You got the problem spot on David!

Email is totally insecure!

why don’t you try our funky new Secure Email product (you can download it from the Comodo Secure Email board in this forum). It makes securing email a breeze…and you can let us know how we can improve it.


Thanks :smiley:

How will CFP3 compare to the current version in regards to system overhead?

One of the things that I always found annoying about ZAP was how intrusive it was on system performance.

At present, v3 (current beta) on my machine is running just under 7MB combined between the two running processes. Peak so far has been just under 15MB.


Sounds good to me :smiley:

Definitely keep the code tight and to the point… theres nothing worse than bloat-ware :wink: