Thanks Comodo

I installed Comodo firewall a few months back and I have to say I’m pleased I did.
Everything always works as expected, no problems, no conflicts, faster boot times than with my old firewall, uses less resources, protection tests always have good results and didn’t cost a dime.
Thank you, I’ll never have to renew my ZA subscription again.
I’ve only been lurking around here a little but I have to say I’m also impressed with the quantity and quality of assistance Comodo provides in the forum.
Hopefully it won’t have to become bloatware in order to keep the masses happy.

Thanks Comodo

I’m glad you like the FW, Pioneer, and are making good use of it!

I, too, hope it doesn’t become bloatware to satisfy the masses…


Ahhh yes…another lost “ZA” user found by Comodo!

See? I am not the only one :Beer

i thought im the onli 1 :o?
ok, now i haf 2 same-situation friends. (:HUG)

honestly, ZA works well for me, but ZASS scared me away. :’(

hope 1 day i can use CSS (comodo security suite)