Thanks Comodo Team

Big thumbs up to the Comodo team. I was using ZA until now, but will never touch it again.

Nice feel & GUI. Powerful control. More options than ZA. Perfect. (:KWL)

Still have to figure stuff out (eg How to make an “internet” zone). But damn, discovering Comodo just made my day.

Thanks guys. (B)

great site keep it comming

Just wait…V3 is gonna be even better!!! :BNC

(L)I am new to your forum so please forgive me if I don’t do this properly.

I found Comodo Firewall on File Hippo.Com. I am a senior citizen on a very fixed income. I love my computer and wanted a decent firewall for free.
I had tried ZA a couple of times and found it VERRRYYY CONFUSING. When I got Comodo Firewall it was soooo easy to use. I also liked that it was promoted as not having any leaks.

I have used Comodo (which I call my dragon) for almost a year now. It keeps me safe. I have helped several people to put the Dragon on their PC’s. We all love it.

I Have BoClean on my machine also. I am just finding out about all it does. Have never gotten anything on the results so guess I don’t go anywhere for it to find anything.

My next program to put on my machine will be the anti-spam filter.

Thank you Team for the wonderful programs you put out here for all of us.
You are so wonderful to make these things free.

I blog on yahoo 360 and there is a tagged blog entry on the Comodo Firewall. There will soon be more blogs on your other programs as I use them and can honestly rate them.

With Respect.


Hi Blue

Thank you for your kind words and welcome to the forum :slight_smile: