thanks comodo firewall free product.

hai,i want to thank you comodo firewall free product,it is excellent and useful.
this product is very helpful to my computer,it show me in/out connection to internet and
available myself to control(allow or deny).i had format my computer 4 times past 7 months
because of the trojan-unknown origin inside my computer.
question 1:what is the different comodo backup compare to symantec ghost ?
question 2:it this comodo firewall product can protect and stop trojan attack my computer?
thanks. (:AGL) :BNC

Tnx for the comments, htl.

  1. Comodo Backup is not an imaging application (at present, anyway); Ghost is. I equate Backup more to the Windows product (please, nobody shoot me!), as far as what it does (not how it does it).

  2. It won’t stop you from getting malware, necessarily. It’s a FW, after all, not an internet filtering device. :wink: It should, however (if configured properly) alert you to suspicious behavior caused by malware (a trojan, etc) trying to access the internet from within your computer. This way you know something is going on, and address it.

  3. Keep your eye on the BOClean forum here, if you want a solid addition to your anti-trojan security…