Thanks and a quesion

Hello. First, and sincere thank to Melih and all his staff for providing such a fantastic security suite. Especially this latest version. I installed it 3 days ago and I think have had only 3 pop-ups. Compared to earlier versions this is fantastic as I am an above average user but still do not know everthing as Melih would to the alerts. Such advanced protection and for free-- incredible. I wish I could contribute some money but have been unemployed for almost 2 years and am starting a new job tomorrow. Many companies would charge major dollars. I have so much confidence that I trying to use this alone for realtime seurity. Wish Comodo all the best P.S…Imho all the bickering between Avastand Comodo is beneath everyone–no offense intended. Time will tell. Also, does anyone know if selecting all the choices on D+ settings, i.e. protected files will do any harm, Thank you

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand your question.

You can manually add files (and folders) to be protected, but this may cause a greater number of alerts.

If you were asking how to set up the configuration I have a guide you can read here.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thank you.

Just to comment on your mention of Avast and Comodo.

If you read the two forums I don’t think you will see any criticism of Avast from the Comodo forum, or any criticism of Comodo from anyone other than a few Avast forum members, who I am sure do not represent the views of Avast. Many of us have used Avast avs at different times and been happy to do so.

I would personally leave the D+ settings as they are, for instance the block when application is closed can cause problems with startup when you don’t see alerts. Rules for safe applications can be usefui if you want to block something considered safe as you then have something to edit.

Hello. Thank you for the quick response. I meant if I selected to protect all apps if might lower the protection. You are right not to use the when closed option. Thank you