Thanks a whole bunch, Comodo!

Hi all you Comodo Commandos!

First, THANKS MELIH!! Obviously I’ve re-entered the Comodo fold of safe and secure computer use. Got here the hard way. Had Comodo Firewall back around '08 or '09, in the days of Version 3. Also had all kinds of other stuff loaded on a tired, underpowered machine [Pentium II 300?] including AVG, Malwarebytes, Spybot Search & Destroy, Super-Antispyware, SpywareBlaster, Spywareguard, HP Printer program etc. The poor old thing strained and labored along. Everything was okay at first after Comodo install but then it started slowing down, then glitching with other programs added.

I knew very little about computers, don’t know a whole lot more now?!? No understanding that the poor Processor was simply being beaten to death and minimal Memory was being thrashed into a bad case of Alzheimer’s. I thought it was the Comodo Firewall because it wouldn’t fully recognize AVG and reported AVG Security Certificate Invalid or somesuch. I posted to this forum. After some responses, in frustration and ignorance, I wasn’t very polite at all and was insulting.

So secondly: a long overdue APOLOGY here! I was WRONG in accusing Comodo as the cause of my problems and I’m very sorry for doing so. You were kind and patient with me. I was mean and nasty. NOT Comodo at fault, it was a lamebrain who didn’t know what the heck he was doing, who was hammering an outdated, underpowered computer into an early grave. Yep, it eventually went belly up with much moaning and groaning, poor thing…

I always had a high regard for Comodo products and the company and that reputation continued to be excellent. I’ve used many other Security products since then, having all sorts of weird problems of one kind or another with all of them. Latest was Avira Suite, gave many serious problems but couldn’t get any email or Tech Support even though I purchased the full program. Uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled, reinstall, no go. Over a month later I finally got a refund requested 2 days after purchase. In honesty though I had no idea that at the time of requesting Refund there was a huge non-religious National Holiday season in their country and for the most part, nobody was home so they’re partly forgiven for that.

Next and last fiasco was Avast Pro Suite, more serious problems. Locked out of email, locked out of interent access, system freeze, dead in the water. Program couldn’t even connect to its own servers. Once again, no support and minimal feedback on forums. In short, “It’s not Avast, it’s your computer”. I uninstalled, reinstalled, repeat, same problems. Noticed many other people were having very similar and very serious problems at the same time, even on different operating systems, following one particular update.

Finally in a moment of clarity and sanity at 3:00 AM in the morning with forehead bleeding from beating it against the wall I said, “Hey, wait a minute here! You know you want the best, and you know that’s Comodo! I wonder if Comodo will run now on this newer machine with fatter processor and loads more memory???”

The answer? YES!!! YES-YES-YES!! And it’s fabulous so far, only day two or three, but I’m very confident. Faster everything. No annoying popups and voice messages every 2 hours saying ‘Your Security has Updated…’ - no more stalls - no more glitches - much quicker email access - 20%-30%+ faster internet performance - better overall performance! Great! Happy, happy, happy!!

THANKS to Melih and everyone involved in making the single best Security product available in the entire world today!! I know you’ve worked unceasingly in every way to develop it into a truly superior product, the best! Thanks also for the support forum and to all of you who give your time to help others.

You should try COMODO DRAGON if you really want to boost your browsing experience.

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Really COMODO… THANK YOU! :wink:

Welcome on board.

Did you have all those programs running in the background on that old PII computer? That would surely bog down your system.

As a rule of thumb use only one security program of a kind as residentia: one firewall, one AV, one HIPS, one behaviour blocker… Then use on demand scanners for second opinion.

Comodo Commandos LOL! Love it mate! (:CLP) (:KWL)

I have to join you. I would like to say big thank you to CEO of Comodo and the Comodo team. You are doing amazing job! Thanks for all your hard work! Can’t wait for v6 :slight_smile:

Glad to be able to serve you JimmieD!

Please let us know how else we can improve our products to serve you guys better.

we are here for you!


I have the impression, you didnt make the settings.
The first what i do is looking at each window.
Like, disabling “update notifications”,
and then i reduce the update frequence,
you have a reduced chance to get a faulty update :smiley:

Look how different the experiences can be.
I like avast now as my favorite antivirus.

Anyway, allways make the settings. In EVERY program, but especially in security programs!

Thank you, Melih, and I truly believe that!

Over some time I’m sure I’ll need to do some tweaks and adjustments, and maybe look into the other programs mentiond [Thanks, w-e-v!] but for now everything seems to be working fine.

Yes, when I installed I didn’t check box for notifications. Even with it checked the update ballons aren’t as annoying as that blasted voice announcing updates in the other AV.

Oh, and YES, I had all that other stuff crammed into that poor old tired computer and a wonder it would work at all! I’ve heard about not running multiple programs in Security type stuff and that’s part of the reason I had used other company’s Suites. Well, they didn’t work! So this time I decided to try Comodo again and glad I did!

I’ll look into the frequency on updating, thanks Clockwork.

Thanks again to all involved and looking forward to more enjoyable computing here thanks to COMODO. And hey, Melih, feel free to use ‘Comodo Commandoes’ if it sounds good to you, I relinquish all copyright to Melih! Thanks all!

Yes thanks Melih,

Well I have to third JimmieD, Seany007.
I used to use Comodo firewall 2.** many moons ago.
My main setup was MSE,Threatfire and windows firewall with Advanced settings. I decided to do some testing on Virtualbox after reading a long article by a hacker who basically in the end said HIPS was the way to go.
So I set about systematically testing comodo firewall with all the free AV,s with about 100 0,days infections everday. Well in the end there was only 1 clear winner [size=10pt]CIS[/size]. CIS has a small footprint, unintrusive and plain simply JUST WORKS as good as or even better than paid suites.

Will also be looking at ComodoDNS and maybes Dragon and Ice

So again keep up the good work and my Virtualbox is primed and ready for the new version 6.

Thanks again,