Thank you

Dear Melih and Comodo Staff,

thank you again for your great piece of software.
Comodo Firewall PRO is very, very good!!!
Great performance, security and user-friendly interface.
I like sys tray animation feature too.

I recommended it to all my friends.

Have a nice day

Nicola S

hi Nicola

Thanks for trusting Comodo to protect your machine.



You have been loading a difficult mission for the world. To present a strong firewall, keeping it is fresh and not want any profits! This community will want always better. For example, I am now waiting for CFP 3 impatiently. Then 4, then 5…

Please keep up good work. The world needs someones who still do something best and gratuitously.


Hey Comodo guys, you probably get a lot of them, but let me take the opportunity again: Thank you! The free Firewall is really close to “too good to be true”… it has not only given me better protection (according to those leak tests), but also made me more aware of the internet security threats of today. Windows XP is not known for its good security, but with Comodo I really feel safe.




I think Comodo is one of the best specimen in the world!

Absolutely great software, a really good support, Great designers (The UI in Comodo Firewall), World-leading firewall securitysoftware. All that for free. Keep your firewall free and very secure then I think the Comodos software is being ekstremely popular.

And when that happens then would the world be a much better place to live (especially on the Internet ;D)