Thank you very much!

I’m still looking for the catch… I can’t believe such fantastic software is free! I’ve tried a good few different ones now, and even paid for a couple in the past, but this one beats them hands down…

I can’t thank you enough… I will advertise it any where I get the slightest chance… (L) (B)

Apologies… Just seen the feedback link in the announcements…

Thank you strider!


It’s nice to know you’re happy with CFP 3! Also, welcome to the forums!


I’ve never used a software firewall at all until recently, as I use a router and anti-virus software and thought (stupidly!!!) that was all I needed to do. Isn’t a little knowledge a dangerous thing? :-[

But after reading the excellent information posted in the forum from so many users, I realised how exposed I was leaving my system. As I’m no techie, I decided to try Comodo Firewall as it seemed robust but most importantly for me, easy to use. I’ve got to say that after using it now for a few weeks, it really is excellent.

Also, the fact that it’s free as well shows a company that has a real vision in building trust with its customers. Well, it’s certainly hit all the buttons for me.

So I’d like to add my thanks to all the team behind the scenes at Comodo.