thank you very much

This is for Melih and associates. Your firewall has saved my small home business from very nasty visitors even though I have other security items installed. I lost a very good job due to plant closure . With 4 small kids all below 3 years its hard to come up with 50-60 dolars for subscriptions. its nice to know that there are some people still looking out for the lijavascript:void(0);
Saved My Lifettle guy.As soon as your antivirus is ironed out I look forward to using that too. Thank you very much

Dear Ereal

It is truly our goal, dream and desire to protect every single PC for free! And we say Protection we mean PROTECTION!

I can’t tell you how happy I am knowing that we could be a help (even if its a small help) to you. Your post is a confirmation that our Business strategy is working and creating
1)happy users
2)helping users at every level and fighting malware at every level
3)helping Comodo
hence creating a self propelling and viable business model in which both the users and the company wins!

Thank you!