Thank you God.. I used the "best" program in the world

That is my story…

I have xampp installed on my computer… i also have a php site… ( without viruses and other shits)… but your smart program found a fucking virus or some kind of dick in my php files ??? How can it be !!! There is a virus in files made by me… tell me. how can it be… that was my work for 2 months and i havent back up…i want fucking anwser… how can it be !?! now my files are in .exe file… WTF…

i want anwser

Hi typak, welcome to the forums.

Tell us which 4 star program you’re talking about & we’ll move your topic to the correct area. You probably will not get an answer under “Views & Votes”… it isn’t the place to ask questions really. However, there are such things as False Positives (FPs).

PS Please remember that children are allowed access to the forums & adjust your language accordingly. Thanks.

edit: User has been advised of the correct place to post this issue. Topic closed. PM an on-line Moderator if you need it unlocked.