thank you from me

Dear Comodo head and employees,

thank you very much all the nice, good and quality software you give us for free.
your company has become one of my favourites within a very short time.
bye and thanks, chris

You are right,Chris. Very right.

Klim, I just want to mention, I have been using Comodo CPF for a while now, and this is the first time in a looonng time, that I was so excited about the new version of any software. It just keeps getting better and better, believe me! And welcome! :wink:



Thank you Klim

Much appreciate the kind words and welcome to the Comodo family!

You are now part of one of the most helpful, forward looking, hard working community----Comodo Family----!


A big “Thank You” from me too!!

I have submitted two tickets and got answers almost immediately. I don’t get that good a service from Companies where I have actually paid for their software.

I usually cringe at using forums but this one seems to have a lot of friendly and helpful members. I have already spent a couple of hours here getting some very valuable information.

I love the firewall; best I have ever used!

Thank you to all concerned. I for one am very appreciative.

What I like very much(apart from the free software) is the reactions that you get. Replies to your questions/topics come fast. great service! (:CLP)

(:WAV) Hi! (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)
I (:LOV) this firewall, really. It resolves most of my security concern and I’m very happy about it! I also go the free e-mail certs. (L)

How did you guys ever manage to write this software, I don’t know (you nerds!!! (:NRD) )… but you guys are like (:AGL) angels for my computers.