Thank you for your previous efforts, but thumbs down for your current release..

I had to re-install Windows recently and ended up downloading the latest Comodo firewall. The interface has radically changed and I now have things installed that I never asked for (Virtual Kiosk, Shared Space, a specialized Comodo Task Manager and a Sandbox.)

I wasn’t given an option to opt out of these during installation - and despite the obvious amount of effort that went into your new user interface the new experience is convoluted to the point where it has become unusable.

By convoluted I mean this:

  • navigation elements that scroll horizontal and
  • navigation elements that fold accordion style and a
  • flipping screen that hides the things I want to do most often followed by
  • the more effective design layout of the advanced settings

Part of Comodo’s strength in the past was how it was able to offer such a richly configurable firewall while presenting it through a simple and easy to view interface. The important elements were up front and the complexities remained hidden (while being accessible to those that would use them).

For many years I’ve recommended Comodo Firewall to my family, friends, and co-workers. It’s with regret that I report your new version is only usable by a fraction of them.

A lot of the features mentioned above belong in your Internet Security Suite and really should NOT be bundled with your ‘Free Personal Firewall’. The people that want those features will download the suite. The people that just want a firewall are getting much more than they need. This adds complexity and creates confusion - both which become dangerous in a security context when used by novices.

I hope that you’ll consider offering a ‘no-frills’ version of your firewall. This will be the only way I can recommend you again.

The new interface is simply not user friendly. Whoever came up with such idea, need to leave the job before comodo sinks in deep hole.

Hi frustrated_v6,
The interface is going to have some alterations from users requests in future versions.