Thank you for Comodo Firewall Pro.

Hey Team,

I thought i’ll say a thanks after you had so much efforts in this project, which is completly free for millions of people. I thank you for:

  • time (:KWL);
  • nervs (:WIN);
  • typeing fingers (:NRD);
  • steadfastness of purpose :■■■■;

I also says thanks for beta testers for the same, but you know, egemen, umesh, Melih, mike, panic, pandlouk, AOwL™, kail and justin1278 (and everyone else i forgot to mention) might have more patient than we all could have ;D ;D ;D.

… and for that one million USD $ you’ve sent me yesterday! Hehehe :BNC Now without jokes and plenty of texts: thanks guys, i really appreciate that.

Geza Gabriel

I must second that! Thank you. CHUCK :slight_smile:

Yes, THANK YOU Comodo-team, for this masterpiece!


Many thanks from me, too. After long time struggle with ZA, I finaly found a good product. Can’t wait for 2.4. (V)

After having convinced ‘half the world’ about the advantages for Panda Security I realize I’ll have to confess to all (:SHY) and promote the Comodo products!

Thanks team for the great work! :BNC


Got to agree, the whole team deserve a big thank you. :■■■■

I just want to second that. A big Thank You! for a great product that is free for everyone. (L)