Thank you Comodo for sharing the CIS v6.1 it has been the most driven experience

G’day Comodo Staff,

I have about 60% of my clients who are on the pension are all using CIS only is because their cannot afford a better security protection when CIS can offer a complete full premium package for free and CIS does very good job in protection, I’ve helped and trained all my clients who been on the pension using CIS and they know what to do and how to handle issue and problems I’m always there and on standby if they need me again. When I see clients who are on the pension currently using W7 & W8 the MS Windows firewall doesn’t give them enough to understand what their doing with inbound & outbound traffic control is far to advance for them, because most windows firewall control software are not completely free to give them more access and more control in the MS windows firewall that is where CIS comes in. Their all using the complete default settings which doesn’t include D+ been turn on, CIS is completely silent with far less popup problem behind the CIS package because it much easy for less experience people who are on the pension using computers without all the confusing and understanding how to used the complete CIS security package for peace of mind and completely free.

I wish Avast could offer more security protection for free when most people who are on the pension, because I see CIS has offer far more security protection for free than Avast, Avast cannot offer as much when I see people are on the pension as their budget is very tight and hard in Australia when it comes to cost of living.

I’ve decided to return back to Avast Free with my Outpost Pro FW because I’ve been using Avast for nearly 9 years and I haven’t had any issue at all, and thank you for allowing me to fully experience the latest CIS v6.1 it has been the most driven experience and peace of mind security software ever for a complete free premium package for people who are on the pension. Thanks for sharing Comodo and please keep up the great work, and I strongly believe more and more elderly and disable pensioners will choose CIS for the very long term peace of mind security package.

Thank you for this wonderful story. It is a great example of what Comodo is about. Comprehesnive security for the masses.

I will move it to News / Announcements / Feedback - CIS where it belongs.

Thank you for sharing your experience and glad to be of service to our users.

Well for me I can say one thing: CIS 4 Life :slight_smile:

+1. I like what Comodo stand for… Love their products… One happy user… 4 life :slight_smile: