Thank You COMODO / CIS 6 Wish List

Dear Melih & COMODO Team,

You and your team at COMODO have developed a great product and the best part of it is… It’s FREE. I have not found any other Internet security program that could outperform COMODO. I have recommended COMODO to dozens of people and they have done the same. In most cases, they are amazed at what their old paid Anti-Virus missed. I also really like the fact you personally talk with your customers and make sure they are happy with the product. Whether it may be by video or the COMODO Forums not many companies do that anymore. Keep up the good work. :-TU I can’t wait for CIS 6 to be released.

Below is a list of improvement that I believe could make CIS better.

COMODO Internet Security 6 Recommendations:

  • Bring back Threatcast – I never used Threatcast, but have seen videos of it and thought it would help me to better decide whether to allow something or not.

  • Integrate DACS – I don’t know what ever happened to DACS but, I was really looking forward to it. I don’t know if it’s a server load issue and although you probably have already thought about doing this here is my idea on how to integrate DACS into CIS 6. Use it only for files that are unknown by COMODO. Below is a detailed example.

(COMODO Anti-Virus Signatures/Heuristics----> DACS Cloud Scanner ----> Sandbox application)

  • Fix Scheduled scan – COMODO Internet Security 5.5 would always rest back to Sunday and scan at midnight.

  • Make a second step on installation – ask if you want to install Geekbuddy or COMODO Dragon. It is to hidden right now.

  • User Skill level Options – ask the user how their computer skills are during or after the installation and configure COMODO accordingly. Example, Beginner, Beginner to Intermediate, Intermediate, Intermediate to Advanced, Advanced.

  • Make a timer for alerts, but have the option to turn it off.

  • Integrate site inspector or make a separate browser plug-in

  • Make an option to turn off ALL Geekbuddy alerts.

Thank you for your time, :slight_smile:


I agree with all, particularly site inspector is very important and necessary. I hope to see in CIS 6. :-TU

Thank you. We are always listening to our users and taking every wish you have very seriously.

thank you


Threatcast + Filereputation would be nice :slight_smile:

+100 to that what CIS-1 said!!

+1 cheers :-TU


those ■■■■ geekbuddy alerts freeze, crash or minimize ANY full screen application.