Thank You and Observations

I am quite happy… thank you, thank you!

If not 100% only because of having to learn something new again, oh well.
As a past (2 days ago) ZA user of a few years I am admittedly scratching my head over the “Network Control Rules” and especially “Component Control Rules” way too many listed on that last one.

But I am sure I will figure it out and have been perusing the forums with success only having to reinstall Comodo once after playing with the Network Control too much. Learned to add new ones and not play with the default, thank you very much.

Anyway I am glad I took to time to Google for firewall reviews even though I have used several including the last one over the years. Now the wife and I both have personalized copies even though her ZA was not acting up.

Did you know that if you install a new DVD Burner and/or a virtual drive (in my case both) that a firewall can reset your drive mappings back to what they were when first installed? I mean we all know how to change drive letters if they get messed up using either DISKPART or Disk Management. But have you ever done that (fix you drive letters because a virtual drive wants to be E: and half you applications run from E: you’re second HD) and then have them reverted back to what they were when you reboot XP?

Well apparently ZA 6.X can and will. Huh? Well fine then how about documenting that special feature? What you mean it is not a feature but a bug and you have spent parts of two days Googling you’re “you know what” off trying to find a fix. Then finally a little blurp saying, “that sounds like a glitch discovered in ZA” only certain versions of course which your very version is.

Anyway I had to throw in a gripe along with the thanks again I am enjoying the product. I hope not inappropriate? If so I am sure I will be reminded of manners.

Thanks also for all the advice in the forums (all you contributors) since I had Azureus up in running in 5 minutes after finding 2 rules to add to my Network Control. (Add new don’t mess with the default…) At least for now (CLY)


Good to have you on board Lyle. Welcome to the Comodo family!