Text in a reply being deleted when an added attachment using Dragon Browser

Totally weird. We have sales folks who use the virtual and non-virtual Dragon browser. When they do their web mail, if they reply to a message and then include an attachment, the first one or two characters of the reply message are deleted! I can reproduce 100%. Does not matter if the message being viewed, or the reply, are in plain or HTML format; does not matter the type of attachment.
So they can start a reply to a message as “Hi Val,” attach a file, and the reply will then read " i Val," or
" Val,". Does not happen with Firefox, or virtualized Firefox (virtualizing Firefox via CIS, by the way).
The only difference I can see between the two is that in a reply the cursor in Firefox is focused into the first line of the reply; the cursor does not focus in the reply in Dragon. Even if I don’t start typing in the reply, but just attach first then go to add the reply message, text from the original message is wiped out. What’s happening here? ??? Anyone seen this behavior before?

Kind regards