text font size [RESOLVED]

I am not sure this is the right place or not.But as good as any.
The letters on the right hand side are now so small it is very difficult to read what the subject is and who is the poster.
Please can we go back the way it was before
Thankyou and Regards

rambo Are you using Firefox 3?

I have tried the latest Firefox(3) but found there were a few things that didn’t work.
I did like it.So maybe later when things have been sorted

I find it strange you are seeing such small writing…

Can you try another browser pls?

I have just noticed
It is not only Comodo but other sites have very small letters.
Lke Google News ,BBC News and others

Can you please download & install IE7.

I see them equally small with Opera and IE7, and yes they’re rather tiny with a 1280x1024 resolution, but I don’t know if Rambo’s seeing them even smaller, since he talks about other sites.

Rambo, in IE6 change “view > text size > …”

Topic moved. :P0l

With grateful thanks.
For some reason the text size had changed to smallest.
I have now reset to normal.
Thanks and Regards

Okay then I’ll lock this thread and tag it as resolved for better forum tidiness. :P0l If someone wants it reopened at any time just PM me or any other mod.