Text copy problem

Hi. I don’t really know whether it is a bug, but when defence+ is enabled i cant copy text from anywhere. When i went to d+ settings window, cfp crashed (i don’t think this things are related, but still). I don’t think that i blocked something connected with copying of a text, but maybe i am just unaware of something. Some info:

Windows 7 x86
cfp 4.x.x.779 with d+ in paranoid mode; sandbox disabled.
Avira personal 9

Will appreciate any help.

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Hello, is your AV disabled? Have you installed CAV from the CIS suite? Have you tried to disable AV or D+?

Avira antivir is enabled. No, i haven’t installed CAV. Yes, i tried disabling d+, i wrote that the problem is experienced only when d+ is enabled.

Well, i have restarted Windows and a text problem disappeared. But for some reason CIS blocked all programs from automatic startup… Without any notifications. Without creating any entries in d+ log. Sad to say, but i’ll stick with 3.14 before 4.1 is out…

You probably enabled “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed” that can cause the mentioned blocks. I can’t comment on why things are not logged.

Please try the following :

Open CIS-Defense±Advanced-Computer Security Policy

Double click on explorer.exe - Access Rights

Click on Modify - Run an executable - Add the program’s exe file there

To simplify, let me explain. You want to copy something say text, picture etc. from MS Word to MS Excel.

Open ‘run an executable’ as explained above and add excel.exe there. (This can easily be done if you first open MS Excel and then go to running processes under ‘add - running processes’, so that you don’t have to browse all the way upto program files).

Another easy way out to solve this problem is ‘tick’ -create automatic rules under defese+ settings

(CIS-Defense±Advanced-Defense+ Settings-General Settings-Create rules for safe applications)

and then perform the cut paste operation. This would automatically create the above said rule under explorer.exe (you can untick the ‘create rules’ feature once the problem is solved).

Hopefully I understood you correctly.

Yep, thats true, though absence of logging is confusing. One more question. This happens because some programs from autorun are launching before CIS? If so, shouldn’t a security app launch first (for the sake of security)? Thanks for help.

The problem with copying has disappeared after restart.