Text Captions Messed Up on Windows 10 Insider Build 15058

After installing the latest Comodo Firewall on a Windows 10 insider build 15058 and that Comodo has fully started, text captions on any subsequently opened windows will not appear correctly. This hasn’t been a problem when I was on v8 and disabling all of the protections in the software did not help. While any windows that were opened before Comodo has started completely will appear fine, there was only a very brief moment when this stays the case, and the only permanent fix to this is to uninstall the product.
Any ideas why this may happen and how to fix this issue?
Thank you.

the only solution is to uninstall cis until a new hotfix version is released

Also the same problem (2xtimes), all fonts were gone after the first restart with fresh CIS install.
Please let us know when you fix this

Locking, see the following topic for info on next CIS release thanks.