Tethering with my mobile

Hi guys, firstly i want to explain what is tether briefly. Tethering is to use the internet of your mobile phone, with your mobile connected to your pc/laptop by USB. Ok my question is:
Does Comodo Firewall protect your laptop when you are connected through your mobile phone?
There is to install some drivers to the laptop to be able to tether with your mobile, maybe these drivers are not compatible with comodo drivers of the firewall?

These are the drivers that there are to install in the pc:

Yes, Comodo Firewall does the same job even if you are tethering.

Hope this helps

Hi, when I’m using my phone to connect to the net, I would like to block every unwanted program from accessing the net. How can I prevent any update and keep my bandwith?

From the Firewall perspective set it to Custom Policy Mode to get alerted for every action of applications. For Windows Update set it to manually check as by default it is allowed and that’s easiest. The same thing applies for Comodo updater functions. Also disable CIS from uploading unknown files to the cloud. I hope I am not forgetting something.