Upon installing CIS’s firewall I sure wanted to test it and so I began with COMODO Leaktests v. and learned how to deal with it the right way so I thought to myself why not do all of them?


And so I did… here are the results O0

In some cases my Avira prevented any action, and in other cases I talked it into toying with a test so you cannot see the results from some of the tests but from many you can lol

In one or two cases I just didn’t know how to handle the tests, e.g. TrojanSimulator

Thanks for posting those results korben, it will be really useful for others to see and compare with. Great job :slight_smile:

Thanks for the motivation, mate!

I know I should probably comment on the test, provide more info etc yet I simply don’t have the time so forgive me and try on your own people - it’s fun :wink: